OUTOYOU, a global passion sharing project, depends 100% on its collaborators. With the aim of connecting amazing stories to the world, it's our film makers who make it all happens. If you are a film maker and would like to be part of this excitig project, have a read below:


You don't necessarily need to be a filmmaker in order to be part of the project. If you're an accountant but passionate about film making in your spare time, then great, jump in!


I. All films must be about someone who has a strong; evident passion for something they do. From acrobatics to button collectors. It's about producing documentary films that speak about that true; loving passion. It doesn't matter what they are passionate about.


II. All films are to be in black and white. We want to show that when it comes to passion, colours don't matter. They can be omitted. The focus is the person and their respective story.


III. All films are to have a strict duration of 90 seconds (including credits). No more; no less. The total duration, of 90 seconds includes the presentation intervals specified in the submittion guidelines.


IV. Stories should be shot without any special stabilisation such as: flycams, steadycams, RONIN, etc. We want to give the same cinematographic opportunites to every film maker. For those who are accustumed to work with more intricate equipment, it's now the time to go handheld.

We advise filmmakers to use a tripod as the only means of stabilisation for the films.  


V. We advise filmmakers to spend a maximum of 24 hours with their story teller. With the aim of telling their story as naturally as possible; without  a serious worry with pre-production, it's about the moment of engagement between the filmmaker and the stroy teller.


VI. We think B-Roll with a voiceover interview is the best bet for this project. We also suggest avoiding direct eye contact with the camera for them B-roll shots. We recommend filmmakers to record a voice intervew before or after shooting their day - and use the voice over the images you shot as the chosen person goes about their activity.