OUTOYOU. is a global passion sharing network. The aim is to source people who are passionate about something in their lives. There's no mystery. The project's aim is to connect powerful stories of those who carry passion within their heart, to the world. The film maker becomes the bridge between the person and the world.

With a firm belief that passion is contagious, we want film makers to communicate the essence of one's passion to the world.


Striving to combine story, image and sound, the project follows a few guidelines so that all stories share the same cinematic principles. All films are shot in black and white, with a total duration of 3 minutes exactly. We encourage the film maker to spend no more than 24 hours with her interviewee. We also encourage the fimlm maker to shoot the stories only with a camera in their hands. No steadycams, rigs, sliders.


OUTOYOU. wants to bring out amazing stories from people around the world who share passion. It' simple. There are many untold stories in this vast planet which are still to be discovered.


There are many passionate people in the world. But what is passion exactly? Well, according to the dictionary: "a ​powerful ​emotion or ​its ​expression, esp. the ​emotion of ​love, ​anger, or ​hate". So let's focus on love, shall we?

Perhaps one works in an office from nine to five but when she arrives home, she spends her time baking cakes until 2AM in the morning.

By portraying someone's passion we then discover inner values in that person's life which, under an expected interview situation, we would not disocver. By unveiling someone's passion, we are evidently bringingout the essence of that person; the true individuality. We are all passionate animals, but perhaps we lack that being brought out to the surface.




Anywhere and everywhere.