OUTOYOU. is a global passion sharing network. The aim is to source and show people who are passionate about something in their lives.  There is no mystery. The project's aim is to connect powerful stories of those who carry passion within their heart, and transmit it to the world. The film maker becomes the bridge between the person's passion and the world.


With a firm belief that passion is contagious, OUTOYOU aims to become an educational source of informational to help inspire people across various sectors.


The talks are currently being prepared where the film makers meet with a private audience about their experiences filming the projects. With a series of behind-the-scenes pictures and questions from the audience, we realise that being a film maker, conveying the stories, is a life changing action that also inspires others.



OUTOYOU holds talks around the world with the aid local groups getting together and setting up talks. In these indepedently organised events, we hear the story of the film makers who went out to tell people's stories. In producing the documentary films, the film makers themselves are often involved in a strong exchange of feelings and connections during the interview. As the interviwees' stories become inspiring, so does the story of the film maker who decided to set out to tell such story.